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Public Information Officer

posted on Thursday, April 23, 2020

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Coast RTA is seeking an individual to fill the position of Public Information Officer (PIO) within our organization. The responsibility of the PIO is to maintain all communication - oral and written - to foster a positive public image for the Authority and to disseminate vital information to the public, our constituent local governments and the media about our services, current conditions and emergencies. The PIO will manage all of our communication with media, maintain the Coast RTA's website/social media and coordinate Coast RTA public events.  Extensive knowledge of Coast RTA history is desirable. The position is highly sensitive and requires experience as a Public Information Officer and/or frontline media position.  This position reports directly to the General Manager.     


Under supervision of the General Manager, the Public Information Officer (PIO) will keep the public informed of Coast RTA activities. In order to do so, the PIO may be required to:


  • Serve as an advisor to those making public appearances;
  • Write press releases;
  • Respond to media inquiries;
  • Maintain an archive of press material relating to Coast RTA;
  • Answer phone calls from media or public;
  • Support customer service when necessary;
  • Develop marketing strategies;
  • Maintain our website and social media accounts;
  • Make public appearances on behalf of Coast RTA, including for press conferences;
  • Escort media personnel within the facility to conduct interviews or take photographs. 




The successful candidate will have:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking and familiarity with Associated Press style, as well as strong grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills (This is a priority for filling this position);
  • Must be able to step in and handle interviews from all media, if necessary;
  • Dependable and highly organized with business maturity, discretion, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude;
  • Technologically literate with strong computer skills including website maintenance and graphics capability;
  • Skillful in using social media, and other communication media;
  • Cheerful presence and people skills, with an emphasis on professionalism;
  • Self-starter who can work independently but can also follow direction;
  • Outgoing, with the ability to work under stress and consistently meet deadlines; and
  • Skill in establishing priorities and managing workload.


Photography and videography skills a plus and being bilingual is desirable.




A Bachelor's Degree in communications, journalism, public relations, or a related field is preferred.

A minimum of three years' experience in a related field may be substituted for the educational experience.




The role of a Public Information Officer may sometimes require the following, but is not limited to:

  • Some physical labor - bending, kneeling, or standing for a variety of time periods; lifting boxes, files, or other office items;
  • Outdoor activities, which may be conducted in inclement weather;
  • Travel may be required; and
  • Non-traditional work hours may be required in order to accommodate special Coast RTA events. 


Apply online at or in person at the Coast RTA Administrative Office

Position will remain open until filled.



Coast RTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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Coast RTA

Public Information Officer

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