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ADA and Accessibility
Helping those with disabilities

ADA and AccessibilityPurpose / Scope:

Coast RTA has created a regional transit system that is safe and easy to use by everyone, including pedestrians, senior citizens, people with disabilities, bicyclists and other riders. Coast RTA works with local communities, jurisdictions, and transportation agencies to place and design facilities and services that fit local community plans.

ADA and AccessibilityFacilities and vehicles:

Coast RTA is guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA provides minimum requirements for accessibility including, information for designing facilities and vehicles to accommodate people with special needs.

All Coast RTA facilities and vehicles meet ADA standards and support the spirit of the ADA including, height and width for equipment and fixtures, floor coverings and surface treatments, signs, alarms and telephones. A design that uses ADA standards benefits all riders not just those with disabilities. For example, aisles that are wide enough for wheelchair users are also more convenient for passengers with packages, strollers or small children.


Coast RTA has developed and implemented a system-wide signage program. All signs must conform to the requirements of the ADA, except where modifications to standard sign formats are necessary for compliance with accessibility guidelines. International Symbol icons will be used wherever possible.


Coast RTA has in place a TDD number 1-877-225-8337 (Voice/Toll Free), for South Carolina residents' who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, blind/low vision with hearing loss, or speech impaired. Website

Community involvement:

Coast RTA is committed to involving the community, particularly those with disabilities in the development and improvement of public services. All Coast RTA public events are accessible to everyone. Materials and accommodations are provided for people with disabilities upon request. Coast RTA staff continues to meet with various community organizations that deal specifically with accessibility issues.

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Coast RTA

ADA and Accessibility
Helping those with disabilities

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